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NAD+ helps restore the function of immune cells to fight infection.

Recent research from Europe suggests that increasing NAD+ with NMN restores immunity against the virus.

In general, people with hepatitis B virus It usually resolves on its own in 6 months, but some people develop a chronic form of CD8 T cell depletion caused by exposure to large amounts of the hepatitis B virus. This virus induces T cell DNA damage and thus loses its antiviral function.

If it can determine the reason for the weakening of CD8 T cells, it could help scientists develop treatments for chronic hepatitis B. And many researchers believe that NAD+ can help with this.

Dr. Fisicaro and his team from the University of Parma, Italy conducted a study in which NMN was administered to CD8 T cells weakened by hepatitis B virus infection and detected cytokines (proteins that bind to hepatitis B virus). These findings suggest that NMN and CD38 inhibitors (inhibitors) ameliorate CD8 T cell attenuation.

NMN Helps restore cells that act against viruses

The research team isolated immunogenic cells from hepatitis B patients for use in the research. and treated these cells with NMN. These cells produced more cytokines, especially the cytokine interferon gamma (IFN-𝛾) that up to 2.7 times higher < /span>

The research team also looked at cells that were destroyed during T cell depletion from hepatitis B virus infection. Compared to the cells destroyed during T cell infection by influenza virus (FLU), DNA damage was found in hepatitis B virus, more cells were damaged. It was also found that NMN treatment resulted in lower amounts of DNA damage than influenza viruses. Our data suggest that the decrease in NAD+ increases the level of DNA damage caused by the hepatitis B virus. have a higher volume

It is expected that in the future, NMN will be used to help restore immune cells against various infections.

This research. There is evidence indicating that Hepatitis B activates CD38 and causes a decrease in NAD+ levels, similar to the DNA repair processes (PARPs) that require NAD+, which explains why T cells are weakened by infected with hepatitis B virus to have more DNA damage

NMN treatment of CD8 T cells restores the production of antiviral cytokine proteins. This is an important issue. And there is a question whether NMN can affect CD8 T cells that are weakened by other types of infection or not - this requires further research and if NMN can actually restore T cells from other types of infection. It could also be said that NAD+ helps cells produce antibodies to fight off other infections.

NMN helps restore immune cells from infection!

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