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Packaging 包

It is unique that expresses the target audience. And comply with the regulations of the FDA

受众 而言 是 的 的 , 并 符合 泰国 FDA 法规


Currently, FDA is very strict with the message on the packaging. And will immediately cancel the registered number If found to be incorrect

泰国 食品 监督 管理局 对 包装 的 文字 非常 严格。 并 取消 注册 号

Packaging is essential to building a cosmetic brand image. And create value for the product If he knows how to choose and design suitable packaging

建立 化妆品 品牌 形象 很 重要。 并 产品 创造 价值 如果 已知 和 设计 合适 的

In addition, professionally designed Also help you Can target customers. Just know how to choose and design the packaging to meet the needs of the target audience.

经过 专业 的 仍然 可以 帮助 您 目标 客户。 知道 包装 的 的 选择 设计 即可 即可 的 需求。

But even if you choose the right packaging and how beautifully designed it, It is not enough because if the packaging does not meet or comply with the regulations and regulations of the FDA, which are many In the end, there will be problems with your product. And affect your marketing

The FDA approved 的 的 与之 相符 的 包装 , 那么 最终 , 的 会 并 不 的 的

Don't put your business at risk ... Just think Let anyone design it for you And don't focus on quality. Finally, the people that are corrupt are you and your business As for the person who designed it, it was already drifting away. Get paid for the design from you But you and the cosmetic factory Still have to be responsible for the damage Caused by the ignorance of many regulations of the FDA

将 您 的 业务 置于 风险 之中 ..........但是 您 和 化妆品 工厂 也 必须 FDA 的 许多 法规 中 因 无知 造成 的 损坏 负责。

Our team therefore focuses on providing packaging design services. Covering all dimensions To keep your business going smoothly

, 我们 的 团队 专注 于 提供 包装 涵盖 所有 方面 使 的 业务 平稳 运行


Packaging design

With a professional team That will help keep your packaging with minimal problems. Looks good in accordance with usage And go well with the product texture

- Recommended packaging

- Packaging design

- Box / label / brochure design

Packaging test

Tests for leaks, functionality and good adherence to the product in a variety of conditions.


- Use

- Leakage

- compatibility with meat

Check text

Packaging, boxes, stickers, messages are correct according to the regulations of the FDA, including all packaging claims.

Check the message 检查 讯息

- proofread

- Meets as specified by the FDA

- Claiming properties

- Reference document

- Name of manufacturer, supplier

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