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Examination of the product   产品 检验

To make the products up to standard And can be used as a reference ... need to check the values

为了 达到 标准 , 可以 作为 参考 ... 需要 检查 一下 数值

Nowadays The owner of the cosmetic brand Will impersonate the properties of their products As in the past, it cannot be because the FDA will be more stringent on inspection measures, so every operator will refer to marketing properties. It is necessary to test the meat of their own products that Have properties as the marketing department can claim or not ... otherwise It will be guilty of deceiving consumers. In which there will be many more lawsuits

For this reason, any cosmetic product would like to claim its properties for marketing purposes. It must always have evidence documents to be used for reference.


For all kinds of sunscreen products If a claim for SPF and PA is to be claimed, documentation from a standard laboratory is required. To be used for filing a request for registration of the FDA number - so that it can be used as a reference to the packaging. Therefore, all operators must submit a check


Testing of meat products for microorganisms (Micrological Test) is necessary if you want to export products to foreign countries. And each country has different standards.


If you want to claim Your product is nano You need to send a particle size measurement of the cream that Which must have a particle size between 200 - 800 nm, the reference nano It is controversial and is not yet accepted in many countries.


Time 20 - 30 days

Used to apply for the FDA

Water Proof

Find microorganisms

Time 20 - 30 days

Used to submit to request for export

Banned substance

Present The properties of the product, such as white face, reduce freckles, reduce wrinkles, etc., must be tested from a standard laboratory in order to be used for marketing claims, because if the FDA detects your ad that There was an impersonation without the results of the laboratory to confirm. There will be an offense under the law And anyone who receives product reviews Without checking the document Do it like the past Will be considered guilty as well

Time 30 - 45 days

- Hydroquinone

- steroids

- Vitamin A acid

- mercury

- heavy metal

Banned substance

Nowadays, banned substances such as hydrocodone, steroid, acid, vitamin A, mercury, heavy metal are added to cosmetics. Widely Regardless of the safety of consumers And many brand owners have been complained of putting banned substances in their products. In order to protect your business from being damaged Detection of these prohibited substances It allows you to be used to verify your product.

Skin examination

Examine the condition of the skin with a CUTOMETER: DUAL MPA 580 that measures the elasticity of the skin. It is compatible with different types of probes: Corneometer (moisture meter), Mexameter (melanin and erythema), Sebumeter (skin oil measurement) and Cutometer (skin elasticity measurement).

From standard lab

Time 30 - 60 days

Use marketing claims

- Reduce the production of melanin

- Reduce wrinkles

- moisture

- flexibility

- Antioxidants

- white face

- Reduce freckles

Skin examination


Time 15 - 30 days

Used to test products

- measure moisture

- Measure the pigment melanin

- Measure the oiliness of the skin.

- measure flexibility

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