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Many countries now require cosmetic products to overwrap with a special film.


Barami Laboratories Therefore, a special machine was used to overwrap with a special quality film. According to the specific export standards To support the expansion of all entrepreneurs


If there is a problem with Overwrap, the packaging box, whether

包装纸 包装 盒 有 问题 , 是否

  • Want to export But I can't find one.

  • 的 地方

  • Can't find specialty film

  • 特殊 类型 的 胶卷

  • Cosmetics factory can't do

  • 厂 不能

  • Have urgent work that cannot be done

  • 紧迫 的 工作 发现 无法 完成。

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查询 详细 信息 ...

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