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Contact the FDA FDA

With an experienced team Make contact with the FDA smoothly!

经验 丰富 的 团队 与 FDA 的 完整 联系!

FDA issued new measures Come into force strictly

After the events of Magic Skin In April 2018, the FDA began to be more alert and more stringent in examining various documents. And take serious action against those who break the law.

In addition, the FDA has issued a number of measures and regulations in order to close the gaps that have been raised.

From this change Causing big changes both in the FDA and in the cosmetic industry And from now on The cosmetic business will never go back as usual ... because this is an expensive lesson. That society is looking after the work of the FDA

Brand owners who refuse to adapt ... will disappear from the market.

品牌 所有者 谁 不 同意 适应 ... 终于 破产 了

Therefore, all operators Must adapt

To be able to fit into the situation If you want to stay in this business!

Our team has always caught up with this situation. Together with this change It has very little impact on our work. So we can study, learn and apply this change to work in no time. And ready to convey this approach to entrepreneurs That have not been able to adapt In order to return to stand firmly In a short time

If you have problems contacting the FDA, please come and consult our team at any time.

Operator 操作 员

  • Request a code as a vendor

  • 代码 成为 分销。

  • Notification to correct / change the name of the new office address

  • / 更改 新 地址 的 的 通知

Submit a notification 准备 泰国 FDA 文件

  • Request for product registration number

  • 产品 注册 号

  • Cancel, modify, change information in the information receipt document

  • 修改 收据 文档 中 的 信息

Request a certificate 证书

  • Packaging accuracy

  • 包装 精度

  • Ask for the job number for the advertisement.

  • 广告 号

  • Certificate of Origin (Certificate of Free Sales (CFS))

  • 免费 销售 证明书 (CFS)

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