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The beginning of quality
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Barami Laboratories


The beginning of quality! 质量 的 开始

From the crisis in the industry of cosmetics and dietary supplements That is caused by Magic Skins and has made a tremendous impact on operators of all levels. And reduced consumer confidence

But such a crisis did not have a negative effect on Barami Laboratories.

Why did I start like this ...

Before telling this story Let me go back from the episode. We are also a small beauty clinic that has been established since 2002, and then we have produced our own cosmeceuticals and wholesaled to beauty clinics all over the country.

The most commonly used cosmeceuticals are formulas that are widely used by most clinics. At that time, we had a bestseller, One Day Special Whitening cream or Overnight Sleeping Mask cream, so the team set to use it twice a week to avoid any adverse effects on the skin.

Around 2009, it appeared that many people were interested in applying for a cosmetic brand. The work team considered that Inappropriate and unsupported For fear of having problems later At the same time, the company Had ambushed to develop a facial mask formula that had similar effects to the drug formula Without being released to anyone, even the RD team at that time

Rapid growth Causing many problems From inefficiency The work team decided to focus on organizational development. And quality management Along with slowing its expansion

In the meantime Many company clients Experienced and persuaded some of the Company's RD team, or hired employees to smuggle the Company's formula out and open several own cosmetic factories.

After the big flood in 2011, the Company moved its factory to Rangsit Prosper Estate (RPE) Industrial Estate (RPE) until now.

From determination and dedication in the development of the organization Until the year 2016, the company was certified GMP CODEX and ISO 9001: 2008 by BUREAU VERITAS on March 17, 2016 as the first step towards an international standard recognized worldwide.

... and in the same year The company has developed A gel mask sheet from 100% natural and submitted to the contest. Received the first prize from the way Rajamangala University of Technology And followed by the GOLDEN AWARDS on Stage at the GENEVA INTERNATIONAL INVENTION EXHIBITION 2016 in Geneva. Switzerland

In 2012 - 2018, it was a period of unprecedented growth in the cosmetic and supplement business. Causing some operators to find loopholes and commit illegal acts in various forms, ranging from ...

  • Bring drugs to mix into cosmetics and dietary supplements.

  • Forging or wearing the FDA registration number

  • Illegal cosmetic factory

  • Cosmetic factory impersonates GMP CODEX and ISO 9001 standards.

  • Pack the expired cream. And dated of new production

  • The expired chemicals are used in production.

  • Add substances exceeding the standards specified by the FDA

  • Falsely impersonating the ad

  • Much more

It can be seen that part of the problem is caused by a non-standard cosmetic factory. And lack of government control This causes some operators to use this loophole to commit illegal acts and the FDA does not have enough staff to investigate.

But after the Magic Skin event Causing government agencies, both the FDA and the Royal Thai Police Has undertaken the suppression seriously Along with enacting several laws to regulate

From this measure itself Many operators have to stop to revise their factories. Because from now on the government agencies Will come into strict control To close the way of breaking the law

As for the cosmetic factory that has already been standard It is hardly affected by those measures. There will only be consumer confidence that takes time .... so it is the duty of all parties involved to cooperate.

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